Main AOs are present to provide players with a single constant within I&A 3. They will serve as a single objective that is always available, giving players a focus for their efforts.

An option may be provided in the future to turn off main objectives in order to provide more squad-based play (elaborated on below) for clans, teams and communities to play together on private servers.

The problem they resolve

As is hinted in the above section, I&A 3 would be a largely different experience if Main AOs were not present. If only Tactical Missions, Priority Targets and the like were present, the entire I&A experience would become more of a tight-knit, squad-based affair which, while a good thing in some regards, isn't reminiscient of the all-inclusive I&A spirit. Main AOs are almost present merely as a filler to pad out singular missions and help make I&A as a whole feel more, well, whole.

How it works

  1. Upon mission creation, a Main AO is selected at random and created, spawning anywhere between 50 - 300 enemy AI that patrol and defend a specific area. This is most often a town or city, though can sometimes be small military bases or positions of value.
  2. Sub-objectives are created within the Main AO's area. These can be killing officers, capturing strategic positions, destroying enemy resources and many others. They are most often destructive in nature. By default, 1 - 2 sub-objectives are chosen.
  3. All sub-objectives are completed by players
  4. Enemy remaining in the Main AO's area is under that of the established threshold (changable via parameters), the default of which is 5
  5. The Main AO is announced captured
  6. 1 - 2 minutes pass before a new Main AO is chosen and the process repeats


By design, Main AOs are much less customisable than the rest of I&A 3. As aforementioned their intent is to be a constant so having them highly changable isn't in the plan. Regardless, they can be changed in a few basic manners:

  1. Sub-objectives can be created just as any other mission can, meaning there's endless possibilities for what sub-objectives could be
  2. The size of AOs can be changed
  3. The amount and type of enemies likely to spawn in AOs can be changed