Invade & Annex 3, hereby referred to as I&A 3, is the final iteration of the popular PvE mission for Arma 3. Using lessons learned from previous versions, I&A 3 aims to both replicate and enhance the gameplay of former iterations of the mission, providing hundreds of new possibilities and opening up the arena for community-created content that can easily slot into the mission.

This documentation serves as both design documentation and developer-focused documentation, allwoing potential developers to understand both the workings and the ethos of I&A 3 to create their own content.


  • Entirely dynamic with hundreds if not thousands of eventualities
  • Objective-focused team play across the entirety of any map
  • Smart, team-wide, responsive resource management that instantly rewards good actions
  • Systems that encourage players to play their role whilst making sure not to restrict possibilites
  • Scalable AI that scales with difficulty and player population
  • Multiple objective types that can all end up in attacking or defending positions in a huge array of dynamic circumstances
  • Open-ended configuration system


To download, click here.


Everybody is allowed to download and modify I&A 3 so long as they do not claim ownership and credit to both myself (Rarek) and Ahoy World are kept in place. I would kindly ask you not to distribute any modified versions of I&A 3 as this may compromise the solidity of releases and confuse administrators as to which version is the "real" one.

This mission is designed, obviously, to be a platform for developers to create truly immersive and persistent PvE missions for their players, mainly through the use of created missions that can easily slot into the gamemode. For this reason, I encourage you to submit your created missions to me where they may be included in later versions of the mission. There are hundreds of developers out there all on their own little islands creating, albeit fantastic, their own content for their own purposes. Let's use this platform to create some truly memorable missions and pad this thing out to become the PvE mission for Arma 3.

If your submitted content is included in this official version of I&A 3, you will of course be credited in full for your creation.