AW_fnc_createMarker is a function used to facilitate the creation of JIP-compatible markers that persist until removed from the system using AW_fnc_deleteMarker.

To ensure all missions of the same type have a singular style that is unique to them, markers created this way require a type and a state.

The type parameter requires a lowercase string of the mission type the marker is being created/modified for. For example, base, main, priority, tactical and so on.

The state parameter signifies which state the marker should be in. For example, bases have the init, friendly, enemy and contested states. Tactical Missions, like most of the mission types, have two main states: init and update.

Every type will have an init state. If an array in the form of [_type, _state] is instead replaced with a simple type in the parameters passed, the function will assume the intended state is init.


  • 0: ARRAY or STRING
    Either an array in the format [_type, _state] or a string containing the intended type. In the latter case, the init state will be assumed.
  • 1: STRING
    The name being given to the marker. If the name is unique, a blank marker is created prior to modification.
    The position of the marker.
  • 3: STRING (optional)
    The text the marker should display. If text has been specified in the marker's state configuration, it will be prefixed to the text given here.
  • 4: BOOL (not recommended)
    Whether or not the created marker sure should local (true) or global (false). Be default, this is set to false. I'd recommened not touching this option as it is most often internally, and automatically, set.


    An array of two marker names is always returned; a marker and an icon. An example might be ["base_connor_marker", "base_connor_icon"] if "base_connor" was provided as a name. This returned value is usable with AW_fnc_deleteMarker.


Creating a new base marker for a friendly base with the name base_connor, assuming that _pos is a pre-set position array.

[["base", "friendly"], "base_connor", _pos, "LZ Connor"] call AW_fnc_createMarker;

Creating a default Main AO marker and then instantly deleting it using AW_fnc_deleteMarker.

_markers = ["main", "main_latvia", _pos, "Latvia"] call AW_fnc_createMarker;
[_markers] call AW_fnc_deleteMarker;