AW_fnc_startMission is a function designed to facilitate the running of missions within I&A 3 utilising the various parent FSMs provided.

When intending to trigger another mission, direct use of this function is not advised. Instead, it is advised that you use the mission machine.


  • 0: STRING
    The type of the mission. This is usually the name of the parent mission folder. By default, these are tactical, sub, priority and ghost.
  • 1: STRING
    The mission to run within the type. This is the name of the mission folder / classname defined in the mission's configuration definition. Examples of this might be getDocuments or mortarTeam.
  • 2: STRING
    The unique code to use for creating the mission. When spawning multiple objectives, a unique code must be provided to ensure the clean use of markers and the like. These are automatically generated when used through mission machines.
  • 3: ARRAY
    The position to spawn the mission. This is, in the case of the mission machine, garnered through the mission's configuration file.


    The ID of the FSM triggered.


Triggering a tactical mission called getDocuments.

["tactical", "getDocuments", "tactical_getDocuments_1", [215,514,12]] call AW_fnc_startMission;