AW_fnc_findNearestBase is used to, believe it or not, find the nearest base to a given position or object. Any base can be found as well as, specifically, OPFOR- or BLUFOR-controlled bases.


  • 0: Position (array/object) - The position to find the nearest base to. If an object is provided, the position of the object is used.
  • 1: Blacklist (array) - An array of bases that should be ignored when finding a base.
  • 2: Side (side) - The side who should own the found base. Defaults to finding all bases regardless of side.


  • Base Code (string) - The original marker for the base.


Finding the nearest base to the player.

_base = [player] call AW_fnc_findNearestBase;

Find the second-nearest base to the player.

_nearest = [player] call AW_fnc_findNearestBase;
_secondNearest = [player, [_nearest]] call AW_fnc_findNearestBase;

Find the nearest OPFOR base to the position [514,221,0.2].

_base = [[514,221,0.2], [], EAST] call AW_fnc_findNearestBase;