Bases use a number of parameters in I&A 3's configuration files to function properly and all of a base's properties can be managed from the config\base.hpp file. Certain numbers, such as the groups variable, effect both the defending and attacking AI, so it's of great importance that you are mindful of game balance when assigning these values.

Formatting & Syntax

  • Class name - The marker on the map that signifies where the base will be created
  • name - The full name to show for the base on the map
  • image - The .paa image to show on the hint letting players know the base has been captured
  • description - A description of the base that players will see upon capturing the base - should also contain a list of vehicles using bullet points (%1%2)
  • tip - A helpful tip for defending the base
  • isOwned - Is the base owned by BLUFOR at the beginning of the game? 1 for yes, 0 for no
  • radius - The radius in metres that the base covers. Keep this rather limited as it majorly impacts how easy bases are to capture
  • groups - If owned by the enemy, how many squads (each consisting of 10 infantry by default) should protect the base?
  • respawnGroups - How many groups should respawn each respawn tick?
  • repsawnTime - The amount of time in seconds that each enemy respawn is triggered
  • vehicles - List of vehicles which should spawn at the base when owned by BLUFOR. Formatting TBD
class base_fortknox
    name = "Fort Knox";
    image = "images\bases\fort_knox.paa";
    description = "A description of our base goes here";
    tip = "Here's a tip for defending the base!";
    isOwned = 0;
    radius = 100;
    groups = 3;
    respawnGroups = 1;
    respawnTime = 600;
    vehicles[] = {};