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Invade & Annex 3

This project is currently in a pre-alpha state and lacks both content and functionality; it is not intended to be played publically or away from private test servers until its full release.

Invade & Annex 3 is the final iteration of the popular PvE mission for Arma 3. A fully-dynamic platform designed to allow developers to add countless pieces of content, I&A 3 is made to be the best.


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  • Infinitely dynamic
  • Tight, tactical team-play to huge, sprawling assaults
  • Be any role you like - pilot, sniper, medic - anything!
  • A platform for developers to create content
  • Any number of missions, anywhere, anytime
  • Scalable difficulty for 1 to 64 players
  • Modular design
  • A persistant mission that can run for days on end
  • Use of every weapon and vehicle in the game
  • Open-ended configuration system